ABC News 20/20 Investigated the Better Business Bureau

Our brand and reputation are of utmost importance to us, after considerable thought and investigation, we are no longer a member of the Better Business Bureau. ABC News 20/20 investigation revealed the rating system is flawed.

What makes a company credible?

Our firm at one time believed that having the coveted accreditation from the Better Business Bureau was the best way to show that our firm had integrity and could be trusted.  For over 10 years we worked with the BBB to respond to any complaint that was presented.  We took the time and resources to present the evidence to show the amount of work that our firm had completed on behalf of our clients.

Our ability to maintain an A rating over that time span with the BBB we thought was quite remarkable.  We now realize like other businesses that as long as we paid our membership fee and followed their rules we were in their good graces.  Over the last few years, we began to question what exactly the BBB’s intentions were and if they had any to protect business owners. As we began to question the validity of the complaints and responsibility of the BBB in deciphering if complaints were valid, it became very clear how little protection was given.

Currently, our company, like many other businesses have decided to not renew our accreditation with the BBB. The information that we’ve learned was very eye opening. The news reports and investigations on the BBB solidified our decision to no longer support the organization. We are prepared for the backlash that many other businesses have suffered, such as our rating falling to B, C and even an F. That will not stop Ellis & Brown, LLC from standing on the amazing work that we provide for our clients. We will not let a letter judge our credibility or be bullied by unfair practices from an organization that is no longer credible themselves.