Another BIG Win!!!!!

We are so happy to report we have again  reached an incredibly favorable RESOLUTION with the Internal Revenue Service.

Today it is official that (xxxxxx & xxxxx, Inc.) case with the IRS has reached a successful resolution for both the business and personal! We were able to get both the $97,506 business liability as well as the $37,055  personal liabilities in $50 a month Installment Agreements.

Additionally, we were able to get 15% the Social Security Levy on our client released.  The client will again receive their full monthly Social Security benefit check.

The client is paying $50 per month on $134,561 total IRS liability.

If you are struggling with an IRS situation, we are confident that we can find a resolution that works for your situation. If you would like to explore your options through a free, no-obligation evaluation, please call  267-986-7222 today.