Reasons to Choose Us

Ellis & Ellis, LLC offers combined flat rate price and no obligation consultation. There are no retainers and no hourly fees.

We are the Nation’s Top IRS and State Tax Specialist. We are Members of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP),and the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA). We are the only National Tax Resolution Firm with a State Tax Department with highly trained professionals!

The top 10 reasons why you want to hire us are:

    • Mr. and Mrs. Ellis oversee everything that goes on with your case.
    • We prepare financial documentation requested by the IRS to protect your disposable monthly income.
    • We complete your tax return preparations to ensure your rights are protected.
    • We analyze your tax situation and come up with a customized resolution before we make promises.
    • We provide representation that directly attributes to resolution of your circumstances.
    • We maintain positive and successful relationships with IRS agents in every US state.
    • We commit to go beyond the “formulas” of IRS negotiations to find real solutions that work for you.
    • We advise how to better position yourself financially in order to qualify for programs offered by the IRS.
    • We monitor your tax situation after your resolution, and warn you if another IRS problem could occur.
    • We work diligently to protect our clients and value your trust in our firm. Your success is our Success!

Who We Represent:

Publicly Traded Companies:

If you are a large Corporation with publicly traded stock, you have a unique Tax Thumbprint. We specialize in representing your unique tax issues before the IRS and the State Taxing Authorities.

Sub Chapter S Corporations /Chapter C Corporations:

If you are a President, Vice president, Secretary or Treasurer, of a medium or small company, we will work to protect you by using the specific rights entitled to you by your business filing status. Each of these types of corporations are managed in a way that is specific to your individual business needs.

Sole Proprietorship:

If you are the owner of a Sole Proprietorship, we understand the unique ties to you and your family personally. Your case must be handled differently because all of your personal assets must be protected simultaneously.

Closed Businesses:

There is no corporate veil for taxes. It is important to note that if your business is currently closed, the tax case is still open and needs to be managed proactively to ensure the best possible results for you personally.