IRS and State Tax Relief

Taxes are what we do

When you are behind with your tax payments your world can become unmanageable. You can be pulled in so many different directions that making good decisions seems impossible. We are here to let you know, you are not a criminal! As our client, we will not allow you to be subjected to the bullying tactics used by the IRS and State Taxing Authorities.

We are a highly dedicated group of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and CPAs who specialize in working with the Collections division of the taxing authorities. We are the ultimate in IRS tax help because we show you how to manage your debt. Each case is unique and we specialize in tailoring your case to fit your individual situation.

Unlike other firms, where your state tax issue is farmed out to the most inexperienced staff, we have an entire department dedicated to resolving state tax issues. If you are reading this you already know that working with the state governments presents a unique set of problems Depending on your particular type of business, your licenses (liquor, sales tax, excise, operating, etc.) are in jeopardy and must be protected in order for you to continue to operate. Depending on the state your business is in, you may have warrants issued for your arrest.

Here at Ellis & Ellis, LLC we know the ins and outs of each state’s individual laws and statutes. We will find the safest and most effective way to combat aggressive state collection actions.