Resolution on a $800,000 Tax Liability

We fight. Everyday. Each day is met with determination to secure relief, resolutions, and wins for our clients. It’s official today we can victoriously say we had a huge win for a client that had a $800,000 + tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service. They are now in a Non-Collectable Status that prevents the Internal Revenue Service from engaging in collections activities. They can begin to refocus their time, energy and attention back to running their business, and a side benefit of better sleep.

When the client hired our firm they were behind in their Federal Tax Deposits and had been told by the Revenue Officer for Internal Revenue Service that aggressive collection actions were going to be implemented.  When the Internal Revenue Service goes after your money, they will pull money from your bank accounts, your retirement funds, and even your social security if you are receiving those your monthly benefit.

If you are facing a tax liability and aren’t sure where to turn, give our knowledgeable staff a call for a no cost evaluation of your situation.  We are here to keep you informed  267-986-7222.