What are you doing to help your fellow Americans?

Our office each day has the opportunity to hear the stories from countless business owners that share the same story of how the Internal Revenue Service has run them over with liens, levies, outrageous penalties, high interest, and even property seizures. Even the Covid-19 Pandemic has not stopped the harshness experienced by the core of this country the business owner. Businesses have taken a financial hit, lost business, and many unfortunately have closed their doors permanently. Many business are left struggling to stay alive with the hope that our government will see this and try to do everything in their power to help them in order to stabilize the economy.

Our office took a call from a potential client who was 76 years old and runs a health care facility. As she shared her story we found out that before COVID-19 her business was a $5 Million Dollar company. Since the pandemic her company will do half of million. Even with the loss of profits she chose to use her facilities to help her community. Opening her doors to patients who have been exposed to the virus along with helping their families this woman chose to help her fellow Americans.

Anyone who listens to the news and government about honoring the front line workers and places that are helping the sick, would believe that this woman would be regarded as a hero.

It was hard for us to believe that the IRS just levied her for $83,000 including her a large portion of her Payroll Protection funds.

Is this fair? At such a time of uncertainty, one would think that the IRS would see that this taxpayer….business owner……essential worker……hero would need relief and help………

Our office decided that no one should be treated like this and took on the case Pro-bono. She did not have any money to cover the fee for our service. She spent her personal funds to cover her payroll to ensure her employees did not go without.

At the end of the day, it does not matter who you have voted for or where you stand with political views. The IRS and our government officials do not care what happens to the taxpayers of our country as long as they get their money. They are coming forcefully…. so I ask you at the end of the day who do you have in your corner?